Ready. Set. Launch.

99.9% Uptime

Our entire website hosting platform is monitored around the clock to ensure your VPS services run smoothly.

1 Gbps Network

Configure DNS records for your domains with ease. Add and update records in just a few steps.

Easy Backups

Easily backup your VPS machines directly from Gynie™. Keeping recent backups of your services is essential.

256-bit encryption

Connections between Gynie™ are fully encrypted with 256-bit TLS 1.2 encryption.

Simplified management

Pay for one plan and manage all your servers under one roof. Add and remove servers as needed!

Built in SSH/Console

Gynie™ includes integrated SSH and graphical console access. Control your VPS servers with ease.




Keep your data safe.

Your applications cant exist without the bits that make it up. Mistakes happen. Keep up-to-date and automated copies of your servers with Gynie™.


Integrated SSH/Console

Gynie™ includes a built in Graphical Console that allows for an encrypted connection to your servers via VNC. An SSH terminal is also available. No plugins or additional software required!


Click. Install. Configure.

Browse our selection of configuration ready system images and have them installed in just a snap. Leaves you with more time to finish what matters most.


Analytics at your service.

Bandiwidth, disk, CPU, and other statistics are provided by Gynie™. Easily monitor your servers and detect problems before it's too late.



2x vCPU's
1GB (1024MB) RAM
25GB Disk



4x vCPU's
2GB (2048MB) RAM
25GB Disk



6x vCPU's
3GB (3072MB) RAM
25GB Disk



8x vCPU's
4GB (4096MB) RAM
50GB Disk



10x vCPU's
5GB (5120MB) RAM
50GB Disk



12x vCPU's
6GB (6144MB) RAM
50GB Disk



14x vCPU's
7GB (7168 MB) RAM
50GB Disk



16x vCPU's
8GB (8192 MB) RAM
100GB Disk



18x vCPU's
9GB (9,216 MB) RAM
100GB Disk



20x vCPU's
100GB Disk



22x vCPU's
11GB (11,264 MB) RAM
100GB Disk



24x vCPU's
12GB (12,288 MB) RAM
150GB Disk

Cloud Hosting

The High performance cloud platform ever

Starting at


Need a custom plan? Please let us know!
  • Easy Backups
  • KVM/Xen Virtualization
  • Multi-Server Control
  • Integrated SSH
  • Integrated VNC
  • Server Reports
  • Windows VM's
  • Image Repository
  • Status indicator
  • Multi-User Support
  • Integrated File Transfer
  • Command tool
  • Clone Systems
  • Custom Images
  • Integrated Network Configuration
  • Reset Systems
  • Admin audit logs
  • Much more...

Featuring Gynie™, a platform to manage your virtual servers.

Based on Virtualmin
by Virtualmin Inc. & Contributors.

Enterprise security features

DDOS protection enabled

Every VPS package includes up to 480Gbps mitigation of malicious attacks.

Encrypted data transfer

Gynie™ only supports encrypted portocols for file transfer such as SCP and SFTP.

Advanced monitoring

Network and system performance of your servers are constantly monitored. Issues are reported immediatley and we'll notify you right away.

Built with flexibility in mind

Gynie™ offers an easy way to manage multiple VPS servers under one panel. You can easily clone systems and reset systems. If you have a custom image you’d like to use, it can be done. Our image catalog includes ready-to-configure systems that install in under a minute. When it’s time to scale your applications, just add more resources and include additional servers all under one roof!

  • Easily scale your website as demands grow
  • More features are frequently introduced
  • Gynie™ platform API will be available soon

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