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One Plan.

   Any Game.

Pay for only the RAM, Disk, and CPU cores that you use. Scale your game services easily as your community grows and demands more resources. From small community servers to large networks, we take care of the full spectrum. Are you ready to scale your community to the next level? 

Let’s serve your innovations.

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Introducing Vizor™, our all-in-one game service platform.

Based on Pterodactyl Panel
by Dane Everitt & Contributors.

A tier-less service.

Our best performance or nothing.

99.9% Uptime

All our services are monitored around the clock to ensure your game hosting experience is without interruption.

Automated Backups

Your files are the heart of any operation and we take great diligence to ensure backups are maintained at all times.

Scheduled Tasks

Create scheduled tasks with ease. You might not always be around to run commands; automate it instead.

Dedicated Resources

When you purchase a plan, your container is fully allocated with the resources you need and nothing you don't. It's the way it should be.

Advanced DDOS Protection

480 Gbps of DDOS mitigation will tire out even the most persistent of trolls. They're just going to need a new hobby it seems.

Hardened Security

From 256-Bit site-wide encryption to SFTP and 2FA. Our services are designed with a priority on security and performance.

Redundant Services

Your services are replicated across multiple servers to ensure no interruption for you and your players.

Dedicated IP Available

If you require a custom IP for your server, we offer an add-on service for a small additional fee.

Knowledgeable Support

Our team members have years of experience under their belt. If you have a problem, we'll do our best to find the right solution.

Serving your innovations without compromise.



Domain Registration

Need to purchase a new domain? We've got you covered.

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Website Hosting

Enterprise grade and feature rich website hosting services.

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Game Servers

One plan, any game. Pay only for what you use.

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Virtual Servers

KVM/Xen powered virtual machines for isolated workloads.

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Dedicated Servers

Bare-metal hand built and customized dedicated servers.

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IT Support

Microsoft 365 and Linux DevOps services.

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Data backup services to ensure your data is always protected.

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Dedicated server hosting for larger or private projects.

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Software Design

Offer hosting to your clients with our software and resources!

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